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Hunden Foxy, katten Spretti og meg i 1980

A short presentation of Margunn Tvedten, owner of kennel Aquamanda - written by Webmaster:

Margunn Tvedten was born in 1964 and grew up in Voss; in the Western part of Norway. She finished her studies as an Agronom (farmer) in 1985 and graduated as a Veterinary from Norges Veterinærhøgskole in 1992.

Margunn works as a Veterinary at Lørenskog Dyreklinikk, one of five Norwegian Pet Hospitals being approved by the Norwegian Veterinary Society. She also has a tiny private practice with home visits.

Her very special cat Nicoline has her own page.

Margunn's carreer as a breeder started already at primary school with breeding butterflies. These were later followed by rabbits. After 5 years breeding sheep, the Dalasau was changed into her first dog Vicky, being the foundation bitch of her breeding of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.

The interest and passion for dogs have always been very strong trade for Margunn; she started with borrowing neighbour's dogs and was both chairman and editor in Voss hundeklubb; only the dog was missing!

Margunn's semi-first dog was "Foxy" - who was actually the neighbour's dog - a kind and gentle male Golden Retriever. Her first own dog was Vicky who was supposed to become a rescue dog when she matured. Well, the dreams never came through with her. But Vicky's daughter Amanda reached that goal. With Amanda she touched most trades within dog sport; in addition to rescue dog summer and winter, they have competed in working, obedience and agility.

Amanda and Margunn "in action" in 1997

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