Nicoline's page

My full name is Nicoline Lakrisjenta and I'm a house persian in my best age. The first time I met Margunn, I was on my way to "eternal rest", but Margunn sent me to a foster home instead. It turned out they had allergies, so I had to move again. In the meanwhile, I had found a house where it was enough room for Margunn to move in with her dog Amanda after me and my brother "Kremgutten" had cleaned the kitchen.
Margunn though I was so sweet and nice that she let me play with Rasmus. 9 weeks after, my 3 adorable kittens was born; Mons Robin, Microsmula and Trine Rebella Petronella. I hope Margunn finds photos of th kitties so you can see them.
My favourite hobby is to smack angry dogs on their heads, eat, sleep, snuggle, shed, check where the mice goes, catch little birds... Margunn have put up a bird's feeding tray after I had insisted for a longer period.

The summer of 2006, Nicoline went hunting over the rainbow bridge. She is deeply missed by all who knew me, with the exception of mice and birds who are a lot safer.

Me again, supervising

Meg and "Søvnig" the Rabbit

Rasmus and "baby brother" Brage
(Rasmus to the left)
My brother:

Siesta with "Grandpa" as matress!